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    Report of the third technical workshop in Moroni, Comoros
    The third technical workshop was held for five days in Moroni, Union of Comoros (12/10 to 16/10/2015). It brought together partner teams of the project (namely CIRAD, MCIA/MSIRI, FOFIFA, CNDRS and IFP), invited people from Italy (FAO weed officer), and South Africa (ARC), and also actors from Comoros such as agronomists from National Research Center (CNDRS), representatives of small farmers, weed scientists, extension services, botanists, and university lecturers. Moreover, several personalities were invited to attend the Opening ceremony such as representatives from the Delegation of the European Union in the Union of Comoros, PNUD/United Nations Comoros, GEF-Comoros government project on agriculture and climate change. To introduce the workshop, G. Gbéhounou from FAO presented the challenge of weed management in Africa. The tools of the project were then presented: Web2.0 participatory portal Weed identification system Mobile apps for identification or posting observations from the field. All the attendees were trained in the use of the portal for both consultation and contribution. A field visit at the Ivembeni vegetable farm allowed experimenting weed identification in the field, or collecting and posting weed observations using mobile apps. Training activities carried on by partners in their respective countries and also in Africa were described. All along the workshop, very interesting discussions occurred on weed identification, weed management, improvement of the tools and prospects for the future of the project. The closing workshop will be hold at Madagascar by the end of 2016. The approach and tools of the Wikwio project appeared to fit perfectly with one of the strategic objectives of the FAO (Make agriculture, forestry and fisheries more productive and sustainable) and 2 thematic areas (namely: Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity, and Efficient Use of Resources). In conclusion, all participants agreed on preparing a second phase of the project extended to all tropical Africa. Project partners together with FAO decided to prepare a proposal for this second phase to be submitted for funding during the year 2016.
    Thomas Le Bourgeois, Pascal Marnotte, Pierre Grard, Balusbramanian D., Ramesh B., Azaad Gaungoo, Jean Augustin Randriamampianina, Alain Paul Andrianaivo, Ibrahim Yahaya