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Herbicide resistance in the Western cape is a much bigger problem than in the rest of South Africa.  This probably has to do with the fact that less Mode of Action groups of herbicides were available to farmers historically and the fact that Lolium spp. (ryegrass) is very widespread here and ryegrass is the weed with the biggest incidence of resistance in South Africa. 

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  • Charlie : Added a comment
    One possible reason for greater incidence of herbicide resistance in the Western Cape region of South Africa, which is winter rainfall region (=Mediterranean climate), compared to summer rainfall region, is because annual row crops dominate in the summer rainfall region -- therefore, historically, mechanical control could be practised as an additional tool to herbicides in that region. However, with the growing popularity of zero-tillage practice in the summer rainfall region the dependence on herbicides is higher than before, and could promote the evolvement of herbicide resistance if there would be over-dependence on a single mechanism of action herbicide(s). One such case has been proven in 2016 in greenhouse screening trial at Univ of Pretoria. .
  • Thomas Le Bourgeois : Added a comment
    Herbicide resistance is a very rare situation in tropical Africa.But I prefer to let Pascal speaking on that topic he knows better than me.
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