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 Lantana camara, commonly know as Rartana, is a serious prblem around Nelspruit in South Africa. It causes many difficulties to growers and animals on grazing land. We invite anybody having information on its biology and control to participate in this discussion to share the knowledge.

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  • ravi luckhun : Added a comment
    A combination of mechanical and chemical control can be used to manage this weed.Kindly refer to the datasheet for Lantana camara on the WIKWIO portal for more info.


  • Charlie : Added a comment
    A biocontrol programme on lantana has been active in South Africa for at least two decades already, with several insect agents released over time, but success is limited due to great genetic diversity in the species. Lantana has been imported as ornamental plant over many decades in the past, from various parts of the world. Feature of its occurrence is that specific flower colour dominates in different areas of the country -- perhaps this domination is due to differential biocontrol agent success in different regions (=different climates)?
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