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  • ravi luckhun : Added a comment
    Mr Prabhakar R , Thank you for your explanation. Could you please let me know if there is a way to notify/tag a larger group of people about an ongoing discussion? For example all the members of Sugar cane group? We tried posting a discussion on this group but the group members did not receive any notification about this discussion.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Thomas Le Bourgeois : In reply to ravi luckhun
    Thank you all for starting this discussion. This is a very important aspect.
    As Prabhakar said it is possible to tag somebody or some members to be notified by email to join a discussion. But the question of Ravi is also important, can we tag and notify all the members of a particular worksing group such as Sugarcane, and I would say is it possible to tag all the members of the portal. I know this should not be used everytime, but time to time it would be interesting to be able to send a message to the whole community.
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